Founder Lt. Dan Holman


This effort became a movement with the help of people from different organizations pushing towards
a common cause in which we all benefit.  We help both the Veteran and Civilian riders.


To support the needs of the handicapped riders of America,
by supplying and making available 1 wheelchair for each Harley-Davidson Dealership in America.

WHEELCHARRIER is a name I have composed to use as my “Wheel Chairs for Harley” name.
The name came about last year when I was fabricating the crutch carrier for my Harley Davidson Trike.


Many handicap riders have no way of carrying a wheelchair with them on their motorcycle.
Crutches provide limited mobility and distance within a dealership.
A wheelchair provided with each Service Department will provide a solution to a necessary need.

If anyone need more information of would like to help in other states;
Please contact Daniel (Lt Dan) Holman   hungrygator@outlook.com
(702) 416-6396


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