Veteran Transition Support

Veteran Transition Support

Life Enhancement Program

Two week, 90 hour re-acculturation immersion program focused on all branches of the Armed Forces including the National Guard and Reserves that have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan era. To help them redefine their role back into civilian society and improve their quality of life.

Personal development, reentry to the workplace, leadership and team building skills are enhanced and career development is created by the veteran and their mentor.

Job Development & Entrepreneurship Program

Evaluate previous skills and education in the military.  Additionally a comprehensive assessment testing is done on the vets interests, capabilities and strengths is conducted. The purpose is to explore their potential, fine tune their resumes and identify the best fit for them in terms of job placement that will prove success.

Effective communication is honed in through mock interviews and body language. Entrepreneurship is taught as an alternative job option and the individual will learn how to start a business of their desire and learn about available financing.  Franchising and Certification programs are also made available as an option.   

PTSD & Moral Injury Health Services Program

Alternative Multidisciplinary holistic approaches provided by professional experts in their field in meditation, resilience, mental fitness, Brain Training & Optimization, Music therapy, Art therapy, Certified PTSD service dogs, Equine therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).  To reduce and minimize the effects of PTSD/TBI and Secondary PTSD.

Aside from the traditional approach and medication, veterans and their spouses now have alternative choices made readily available to them.

Veteran Benefits & Programs

Personal one to one and group education to veterans unaware of the benefits and specific programs applicable to their needs and understanding what they qualify for. Provide assistance to those veterans whose applications for benefits to Department of Veterans Affairs have been denied.



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