Emergency Assistance Links

9-1-1 Veterans (Long Island, NY)


9-1-1 Veterans is a small non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Long Island’s veterans. We provide emergency financial assistance to those who have served in – or are still serving in – the finest military in the world.

Our current emphasis has not only been on those service men and women who participated in the global war on terrorism, but all military veterans from all eras.

American Military Family


American Military Family provides financial support and services to members of the United States military and their families, in appreciation to all those who serve to protect the citizenry of this great country.

American Red Cross


The American Red Cross works under partnership agreements with the Air Force Aid Society, Army Emergency Relief, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to provide quality, reliable financial assistance to eligible applicants 24/7/365. Types of assistance include financial assistance for emergency travel, burial of a loved one, assistance to avoid privation, etc.



AmericaServes‘ mission is to empower a coordinated network of service providers in the United States, and equip them with the technological and informational resources needed to efficiently and effectively guide service-members, veterans, and their families to the most appropriate services and resources.

Arizona Military Family Relief Fund


Arizona Dept. of Veterans’ Services 602-255-3373

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was created by the Arizona State Legislature in 2007 to assist the families of service members and Post 9/11 veterans who are experiencing a financial hardship as a result of their service in a combat zone.

Armed Services YMCA (Camp Pendleton,CA)


Temporary Emergency Assistance Program – This program focuses on junior enlisted families (Sergeant E-5 and below with children) for short term emergency financial support with food and gas gift cards to respond to short term emergency situations.

Armed Services YMCA (San Diego, CA)


Our Urgent Needs Support services are geared towards helping active duty junior enlisted service members and their families that have not already received support at our Naval Medical Center office during a financial emergency. If your family is experiencing a financial crisis and you need assistance for basic food items or gas for work, you may be eligible to access our Urgent Needs Emergency Food and Gas Program. Call now to speak with a Social Worker to find out what resources are available to you.

Army Emergency Relief


Army Emergency Relief is a private nonprofit organization incorporated in 1942 by the Secretary of War and the Army Chief of Staff. AER’s sole mission is to help soldiers and their dependents.

AER is the Army’s own emergency financial assistance organization and is dedicated to “Helping the Army Take Care of Its Own”. AER provides commanders a valuable asset in accomplishing their basic command responsibility for the morale and welfare of soldiers.

AER funds are made available to commanders having AER Sections to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers – active & retired – and their dependents when there is a valid need. AER funds made available to commanders are not limited and are constrained only by the requirement of valid need. For these reasons, the AER assistance program is conducted within the Army structure by major commanders and their installation/organization commanders through AER sections and other related organizations.

Army Homefront Fund


Army Homefront Fund provides emergency financial and other support to the families of soldiers, with a focus on wounded warrior care and transition assistance.

Through generous, widespread public support and a collaborative team of exceptional staff and volunteers, we aspire to become the provider of choice for emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. Where there is a need we do not provide, we will partner with others for the benefit of our military families.

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund


Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund (MRF) is a program dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of eligible service members, past and present, and their families. By offering monetary relief through direct grants and dependable referrals, we pledge to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out, to those committed to their own upward mobility during difficult or unforeseen transitions.

Catholic Charities (Archdiocese of San Antonio)


Financial assistance, food and clothing assistance, and counseling services for active duty, reserve, National Guard or veteran service members, as well as their dependents and spouses, in need of social services.

Check-6 Foundation (Washington, DC)


Another service provided by the Check-6 Foundation is the “Veteran Wingman Program”. In situations that fall into this category, Check-6 provides financial assistance (but benefit is not restricted to) a military veteran in the local community who needs help covering an unexpected expense.

Final Salute Inc. (Female veterans – DC, Maryland, or Virginia (DC Metro area)


The mission of Final Salute Inc. is to provide homeless female Veterans with safe and suitable housing.

The H.O.M.E Program provides transitional housing and housing subsidy assistance to homeless female Veterans and their children. The H.O.M.E Program focuses on integrating Veterans back into their local communities and providing vast, safe residential areas to choose from. Our H.O.M.E Program is a collaboration with our resource partners that includes targeted supportive services to assist female Veterans in reaching their goals.

The purpose of S.A.F.E is to prevent homelessness by easing financial hardships.

S.A.F.E will provide rent, deposit and utility assistance to all female Veterans and U.S. military reserve component service members via an interest free loan.

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care


H.E.R.O.E.S. Care is an affiliation of program partners working together to provide support to military families in the communities where they live. H.E.R.O.E.S. Care combines the power of national organizations dedicated to providing emergency financial aid, employment opportunities, and mental health care services through a network of specially trained care givers before, during, and after deployment.

Heroes in Action (Toledo, OH)


Heroes in Action is a military outreach organization based out of Toledo, Ohio. We are committed to supporting our service members, veterans and their families. We are also support for the families with personal needs, housing and auto repairs, food baskets, newborn baskets, blankets for the wounded and whatever else we are able to do. We work with many other organizations to help educate, prepare and equip families with benefit information and emotional issues that may occur with service members.

Illinois Military Family Relief Fund


The Illinois Military Family Relief Fund (IMFRF) provides monetary grants to families of Illinois National Guard members and Illinois residents serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve components who were called to active duty as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

IMFRF grants are intended to help service members and their families defray the costs of food, housing, utilities, medical services, and other expenses that become difficult to afford when a wage-earner has temporarily left civilian employment to be placed on active military duty

Keep the Faith Foundation


The Mooney Family is excited to announce the creation of a charitable foundation, the Keep the Faith Foundation. While the primary purpose of the foundation is to support military personnel in need of assistance, it has a secondary vision to provide support for students who require educational assistance.

Keep the Faith has been an affirmation and a part of the Mooney support system since we have been a family. This affirmation signifies the desire to provide a sense of abundance, solace, hope, and peace to military personnel who are in time of sacrifice and to students who need educational support to further their goals.




In 2006, K.I.D.S. joined with Operation Homefront to meet the needs of the families fighting for our freedom. Together we provide children of military families with the most basic essentials in life – clothing, shoes and baby products – as well as support their emotional and developmental needs by donating books, educational materials and toys. We also provide baby products for monthly showers, furnish nurseries for new mothers, and provide mothers with new apparel and toys to give away to their children during the holiday seasons.

In 2010, K.I.D.S. provided approximately $3.6 million worth of clothing, shoes, baby products, books, educational materials and toys to children and families on military bases through our partnership with Operation Homefront. These donations reached over 10,000 military families.

Lead the Way Fund


Lead the Way Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to raise funds in support of disabled U.S. Army Rangers and the families of Rangers who have died, have been injured or are currently serving in harm’s way around the world. Lead the Way Fund, Inc. will provide spouses and children of deceased, disabled or active duty Rangers with assistance for health and wellness programs and other services determined to be vital to the family’s well-being.

Major General Boyd Cook Foundation


The Foundation is a central communication point for assistance requests. If you or your family have a challenge or are in need of resources, you can directly contact us through our website or our phone number 1-877-99-4VETS (8387). Through a vast network of non-profit and state veterans organizations, we will immediately put you in touch with a volunteer veteran who will exclusively work with you on your problem.


Currently expanding our program Maryland-wide of supporting the needs of Active Duty and Reserve Component Veterans and their families at the community level with a goal of expanding nationwide.


Michigan National Guard Family Program


Your first step to financial assistance, the Michigan National Guard Family Fund, Inc., provides for up to a $500 grant to soldiers and airmen and their family members who encounter financial hardships as a result of deployments, military injuries, or just hard times.


The Michigan National Guard Family Fund was created to assist Air and Army National Guard families who experience financial difficulties with temporary emergency financial assistance, and to fund programs and training to maintain and improve the quality of life of our Michigan National Guard families.


What constitutes a need? Emergency loss of income through activation for military duty, inability to maintain employment due to injury or sudden illness, or job loss; unexpected medical expenses; pay problems; or the accumulation of legitimate bills (e.g. rent, mortgage, electric, oil, gas, etc.). Inability to pay for basic needs: food, shelter, utilities, clothing, medical bills, and transportation due to unforeseen circumstances. Applications are required to be submitted with the necessary documentation.


Michigan Veterans Trust Fund


The Michigan Veterans Trust Fund provides emergency grants to Michigan veterans and dependent family members to help them weather short-term financial crisis.


Military Assistance Mission (Arizona)


Providing financial and morale aid to our current Arizona active duty military, their families and wounded warriors regardless of overseas deployment status.


Military Brats Inc Veteran Relief Fund


The goal of the Veteran Relief Fund is simple: To provide assistance to the men and women that have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. We aim to provide emergency funds to our nations vets to help cover those unexpected hardships of life including but not limited to hardship caused by a job loss, auto repair, groceries, past due utility bills, rent assistance, and more! Many other programs exist for our veterans, but most of their requirements make it nearly impossible to receive assistance.


Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund


The Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund provides one time emergency financial assistance to reserve component Families from Mississippi who are affected by mobilizations in support of the Global War on Terror.


Modest Needs


Modest Needs is a national nonprofit empowering members of the general public to make small, emergency grants to low-income workers who are at risk of slipping into poverty.


New Beginnings


The purpose of this site is to match family sponsors with those military families that need a helping hand. We encourage military families that need help contact us with their needs and a picture of their military partner. We will post that individuals picture on a page of honor and match your families needs with a willing sponsor that will handle one of your bills.


Our Forgotten Warriors


Our Forgotten Warriors’ Direct Assistance program provides disabled service members, veterans and their families assistance with unexpected expenses. It is not unusual for our troops and veterans to suffer significant loss of income after injury or during separation. For some families, and error in pay or delays in processing claims can have a devastating life changing impact.


Our Heroes Journey (Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, CA)


Our Heroes Journey’s assistance program “Adopt a Hero” focuses on our military families and servicemembers who may need help with groceries, gas cards, diapers and other daily necessities. Currently, Our Heroes Journey has adopted nearly 500 Marines and 1200 children from Camp Pendleton Marines Corps base in Oceanside, CA as part of this dynamic program.


Operation Once in a Lifetime


Operation Once in a Lifetime’s mission is to make the dreams of soldiers and their families come true by providing free financial and moral support.


Operation Once in a Lifetime was created by a soldier to help other soldiers; a soldier knows what a soldier needs and a soldier knows what a soldier does not need. A soldier does not need to worry about providing beds for his kids, worrying if his electricity will still be on when he goes home or if his house will be foreclosed on when serving his/her country. A soldier needs a program that will provide free financial assistance regardless of his rank, race, branch of service, physical condition or his deployment status. A soldier needs a program that can help make a life altering contribution when he is in his/her greatest need; Operation Once in a Lifetime is that program.


Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors


Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. offers Pennsylvania wounded warriors, their families, or Pennsylvania veterans with medical emergencies in their families financial assistance.


We do not pay credit card bills, car payments, or direct payments to wounded warriors except in the most unusual circumstances. We do help wounded warriors with home repairs, utility payments, short term rent or mortgage payments, medical bills and medical equipment not covered under current government programs and educational programs to prepare for college under the GI Bill.


While our primary focus is on Pennsylvania wounded warriors, we also visit military hospitals and outpatient facilities to thank all wounded warriors for their service.


Reserve Aid


ReserveAid is a nonprofit organization committed to providing financial support to the families of Reserve Service Members from all services, who have been called to active duty and are experiencing financial difficulty. Our goal is to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens placed on the men and women called to serve our country by supporting their families at home.


Salute, Inc. (Direct Assistance)


Salute, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and support of issues facing active military personnel, veterans and their families and to provide financial support through advocacy and fundraising.


The Direct Assistance Program offers financial support to or on behalf of military members and their families experiencing financial difficulties brought on by deployment, extended active duty or injury.


STEP Support the Enlisted Project (Southern California)


Emergency financial assistance – STEP’s standard operating procedures focuses on the following eligibility prerequisites: 1) the client is active duty military or a recently (with 18 months) honorable discharged veteran in the pay grade of E1-E6, and 2) the client resides in one of the seven supported counties (San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties).


The American Legion’s Family Support Network


The American Legion’s Family Support Network is ready to provide immediate assistance to service personnel and families whose lives have been directly affected by Operation Iraqi Freedom and America’s war on terror.


Since Sept. 11, 2001, the nation’s active-duty military has been on high alert, and National Guard and reserve units are being mobilized in record numbers. As a result, the families of these men and women often find themselves unable to meet normal monthly expenses, and assistance is needed for a variety of everyday chores. These tasks include grocery shopping, child care, mowing the grass, fixing the family car and other routine household jobs.


To address these issues, The American Legion has a nationwide toll-free telephone number, (800) 504-4098 for servicemembers and their family members to call for assistance. Applicants can apply online by clicking the assistance form at the top of the page. Calls are referred to The American Legion department, or state in which the call originated. Departments relay the collected information to a local American Legion post. The local post then contacts the servicemember or family to see how assistance can be provided locally. Since the creation of the Family Support Network during the first Persian Gulf War, thousands of posts have responded to meet these families’ needs.


The American Veteran Foundation (North Carolina)


Our mission is to be the driving force in helping veterans stamp out PTSD! We provide financial grants to active duty and retired veterans of North Carolina to pay for uncovered medical expenses for treating PTSD. We also provide monetary grants to help veterans pay for utility and transportation costs when incurring financial hardships.


The Armed Forces Foundation


The Armed Forces Foundation helps families cover such expenses as:

Utility bills

Rent or mortgage payments (for civilian housing)

Car paymentshttps://sitebuilder.homestead.com/~site/builder/

Childcare during illness, surgery or recovery

Car insurance or registration payments


The Callen Foundation (Ohio)


The Callen Foundation provides limited financial assistance to the families of current military families, families with a recently deceased military parent in a combat zone as well as those recently honorably discharged due to service related injuries. Through the efforts of our Board of Trustees, who are mainly ex-military veterans and our Business Partners we will attempt to raise as much money for the benefit of these families as possible.


Our goal is to provide our military families with 100% of all donations contributed to our Foundation other than donations from The Callen Family which are required to fund the administrative needs of the Foundation. The only costs that will be deducted from our donations will be those expense fees that PayPal requires when contributors donate using the PayPal Service. Our focus will be on those families with the most urgent needs of day to day life such as late bill payments, food and basic living necessities primarily as a one time gift however we may, on a limited basis, help those families in true dire need with ongoing help.


The following is an example of how we can help:

Direct Financial Help

Emergency Food Cards

Emergency home repairs

Emergency Baby Needs

Basic Furniture and household items


The Guardians Foundation (Post Falls, ID)


The Guardians Foundation is a non-profit public charity that assists military veterans and their families, primarily with homelessness, but also with food, clothing, household items, counseling referrals, educational & job opportunities, and unexpected expenses.


The Home Front Cares (Colorado)


The Home Front Cares program provides support for Colorado’s military families of all services who have been impacted by deployment in harm’s way. The Home Front Cares is a non-profit corporation that has helped approximately 1,850 families, contributing over $2.1 million in aid since our founding in 2003. THFC delivers assistance to the military community in the State of Colorado through a close collaboration with the Army Community Service at Fort Carson; the Family Support Centers at the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, and Schriever Air Force Base; and VA offices. The family support centers identify and verify financial needs.


Grants to Families Fund – Assistance for car repairs, house repairs, childcare, evictions, food, utilities & other family emergencies.


Energy Assistance Program – As an agency of Energy Outreach Colorado, THFC receives limited grants to pay energy bills for all Active Duty, Activated Reserve and National Guard, and recent medically released Veterans, living in Colorado, who need financial assistance. (Deployment not required)


The Last Mission Project (Operation First Response)


Combat PTSD is exasperated by the battle mindset. During combat a Warrior’s duty is to survive and do their best to keep their comrades alive, this can compound the normal sense of survivor guilt, most believe that they have failed their comrades who were killed or severely injured. These emotions isolate the Warrior because they cannot be shared with anyone who has not had the same traumatic experience, which explains the Combat Veteran’s belief that his/her family members or therapist will not understand because they haven’t been there. At the same time studies indicate that talking about the trauma can be the key to unlocking its debilitating grasp.


OFR has traveled this journey with our wounded Warriors for 6 years, during that time we have experienced the changes they have endured as their journey continues.

PTSD has become the invisible injury that gone untreated can take its toll on the Veteran by means of alcohol and substance abuse, criminal activities, unemployment, divorce, in severe cases suicide.


From our experience the financial devastation can be the last straw, it is our hope to alleviate the financial stress for the veteran allowing them to make clear decisions about treatment without the burden of the cost it will have on the family. By receiving treatment and learning to cope with PTSD in a manageable manner we will return more veterans to their families and communities as productive members. As the recipients of their service and sacrifices we have a responsibility to assure their quality of life.


Operation First Response is the bridge between the Warrior and hope for a promising future, enabling them to concentrate on recovery. Examples of assistance: rent/mortgage, utilities

vehicle payment, groceries.


Unmet Needs (Veterans of Foreign Wars)


The Unmet Needs Program was created to provide emergency financial support to families of military personnel. Funds from donations are available to the five branches of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard), as well as members of the Reserves and National Guard. Funds awarded by the program are offered in the form of grants, not loans, so recipients don’t need to repay them.  As they are typically less than $1500, there is little chance that they will affect the recipient’s taxes.




VeteransPlus is a financial literacy organization devoted to improve the quality of life of those who have worn our nation’s uniform, and their families by providing unparalleled solutions that focus on financial security and support in pursuing their economic goals. More than creating financial solutions, we add the unique capability of enabling non-profit partners to demonstrate their commitment and concern for America’s veterans through financial education and coaching.


Warriors Running Home (Corpus Christi, TX)


Warriors Running Home renews, refreshes and restores our Combat Veterans/Families with tools and support. Our program is five fold in helping Combat Veterans/Families with Shelter, Food, Clothing, Medical and Incarceration visits through our Nationwide Network of partners and sponsors. We are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas making an impact through PTSD NOW Military Expo events in communities across the United States.


Wish For Our Heroes


The Phoenix Group launched a non-profit foundation in November of 2009 that grants wishes for active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and their families. The Foundation strives to relieve the burdens of family separation, re-integration for deployed soldiers, hardship circumstances, and other means of assistance not covered by existing military charities.


The Foundation is driven by an interactive website allowing anyone to request a wish for active duty members of our Armed Forces. The website allows ‘wish granters’ to view wishes and contribute donations.


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