Additional Synopsis of Program & Services

Synopsis Veteran Programs and Services

*Skills Test & Assessment:  Career testing “The Pathway Planner” is an in-depth career assessment test you can use as an educational and career planning tool to help the individual discover what career possibilities best suits them.  Finding the right career match greatly increases the probability for success and satisfaction.

*Family Resilience & De-Stress: Family members learn to use critical tools taught in the workshop for de-stressing and adding balance and ease to family life.  These skills will serve family members not only in the day-to-day challenges of living on or off the base, but also during the most difficult periods of military family life: deployment, learning a service member has fallen on the battlefield and in the arduous days, months and years of the transition to life back home.

The De-Stress workshop teaches two of Heart Math’s most effective self-regulation techniques.  They provide a powerful shift into coherence, the state in which the heart, brain and nervous system are in alignment, forming the foundation of personal and family resilience.

*Inclusive Leadership-Blue Courage:  Dynamic classroom and experiential learning activities challenges participants individually, as well as the group as a whole.  Participants will learn the expansive meaning and effects of diversity and inclusion. Development of leadership skills by building trust, enhancing communication, increasing problem solving capability, practicing new and better interactive behaviors and creating High Level Performance.  It is sequenced to weave multiple approaches to learning, which include facilitated instruction, reflective practice, and team collaboration.

*Family Parenting-Boys Town of LV:  Common Sense Parenting (CSP) is a parenting program that can be applied to every family. The program’s easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success. The proactive skills and techniques taught in Common Sense Parenting classes have helped parents from diverse backgrounds create healthy family relationships that foster safety and well-being at home, in school and in the community.

*Pre & Post Deployment Re-entry:  The Yellow Ribbon for Employers program is intended to educate/inform employers and managers of activated Guard/Reservists.  What to expect before deployment, Legal-Human Resources rights and regulations, Preparing the guardsman and reservist for the return, and post return Follow-Up.

*Women Empowerment Program:  Instills inner confidence and power that is two prong.  1) Internal approach, the use of exercise arts-Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation that builds back the mind, body connection for women veterans and female spouses of veterans.  2) Physical approach, realistic self-defense fusion martial arts.

*FOB Johnson:  FOB Johnson is a personalized retreat in breathtaking Bozeman, Montana for Veterans with PTSD, TBI and other war related injuries. A five to six day relaxing peaceful FREE retreat for them. Free of stress, free of worry and most importantly free of cost. Through nature, outdoor activities, and a wide array of things to do the staff promote healing, bonding, relief and most importantly HOPE. In addition to everything at the FOB, before they come out and when they go home, FOB Johnson provides them with local resources to continue healing and have community and transitional support.



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