Veteran motorcycle club raises money for struggling veterans on Memorial Day

By Luke Burdsall|

 May 27, 2019 at 5:48 PM CDT – Updated May 27 at 5:59 PM

MOSS BLUFF, La. (KPLC) – According the U.S. census, right now there are over 18 million veterans in the united states.

While Memorial Day is one to reflect and remember those who have fallen for our freedom, a local motorcycle club is also taking the day to remind people that there are still veterans who need help now.

The ‘Cajun Punishers’ motorcycle club is comprised of veterans of military, police, fire, and all services from Southwest Louisiana. They came together for a Memorial Day fundraiser, raising money for the Vinton Veteran’s Home.

“Our national motto is in service to others,” Jonathan Lyons, Club President, said. “So anything we can do to help out our first responders, anything we can do to help out our military guys, former and current, that’s what were all about.”

Corey Badon is Vice President of the club but is also still in service. He says anyone could end up needing help, so that’s all the more reason for him to be there for others.

“I mean we’re fortunate enough to come back after a couple deployments,” Badon said. “We’re still mobile, still able to do things to provide for the community, so even though we’re still serving, let them know we remember them also.”

Lyons says he’d like to raise a few thousand dollars. He says every penny counts.

“They’re trying to help these guys out that don’t have a place to go,” Lyons said. “They’re trying to help them find a job, learn how to manage money, and they need funds. That’s why we wanted to do this on Memorial Day and give it back to them.”

Badon says while they raise money for the veterans in need, they keep all who have served in mind at this event.

“We always try to remember the guys that we served with that didn’t make it back,” Badon said. “We’re fortunate enough to be here to raise our glass and have a drink for them.”

If you would like to donate online to the Cajun Punishers, they say they accept paypal payments to

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