Veterans and Military Day at the Legislature

April 25, 2019 Veteran Support

By Megan Way | Photos by Chuck Baker
Through a partnership by Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS), the Nevada National Guard and the United Veterans Legislative Council (UVLC) the third Wednesday of March is recognized as Veterans and Military Day at the Legislature (VAMDAL). The day is dedicated to recognizing and honoring Nevada’s veterans, military members and their families. This year it falls on March 20th and was hosted behind the Capital Building in Carson City.
Kat Miller, Director of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services said opening remarks to start the event. The Director says that this day helps veterans and community leaders focus on current legislative bills affecting veteran issues. This day isn’t just free BBQ, this “is an opportunity for our military, our guardsmen and women and our veterans to interact with Nevada’s elected leaders.”
At the opening ceremony Veteran of the Month Jim Mort has been awarded two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars from his service in Vietnam. Veteran Supporter of the Month, The Home Depot Foundation, was also honored during the opening ceremony for their work Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.
The “real VIP’s” are all the veterans here said Governor Sisolak after he was introduced. Among other legislation, he said that he has increased the State budget allowing for hiring additional Veterans Service Officers. And he said Nevada is, “leading the charge to help find a solution to veteran suicide.” He added that the State is helping veterans by increasing services that will lead to a smoother transition from military to civilian life. Sisolak also prevailed over the awards for Veteran of the Month and Veteran Supporter of the Month.
Governor Sisolak then began to present proclamations and sign executive orders. He signed an executive order establishing the State of Nevada Veteran Peer Mentor Group and then presented a proclamation designating the week of March 17-23 as Women’s Military History Week in Nevada. Then, all women veterans and female active duty personnel were encouraged to join the Governor up front as he presented the proclamation to Retired Colonel Dr. Anne Davis, Chair of the Nevada Women Veterans Advisory Committee.
Governor Sisolak presented a proclamation declaring March 29 as Vietnam War Veterans Day in the State. Those who served during the Vietnam era in-country or elsewhere, were encouraged to come to the stage. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 388 of Carson City President Tom Spencer, and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 989 of Sierra President Linda Dickerson, were jointly presented with the proclamation by the Governor. President Linda Dickerson says to her fellow Vietnam Veterans, “I know all of you think of the time you served and of the brothers and sisters you served with, and we honor them every day. On March 29th, the nation will honor those who served during the Vietnam War through ceremonies and recognition.  Our Governor is one of many who signed proclamations recognizing March 29th recognizing this date as a National Day of Honor for Vietnam War Veterans. These proclamations will also be on display in Washington D.C.” After all the speeches throughout the whole day, attendees enjoyed a free BBQ lunch, discussion and speeches from local politicians and exhibits from the local community of interest to the veterans community.

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