Free Flight to Vietnam Veteran Memorial

Midwest Honor Flight is a non-profit organization that provides Veterans with an all-expense paid trip to our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. to visit their respective memorials. These trips are designed for America’s Veterans to feel truly honored for their service while also experiencing a way to get closure.

Our Vietnam Veterans like all of our veterans gave their sweat, blood, and tears to serve our great nation. But unlike the Veterans of World War II who were treated like heroes, our Vietnam Veterans came home to receive an excess of misplaced anger and distrust.

In hindsight, we can all see how our Vietnam soldiers were undeservingly punished for the decisions made by our military and political leaders of that time. Our soldiers take orders, they don’t unanimously decide to declare war and draft themselves to fight in it.

Thankfully, there is still some time to correct this mistake and made amends for all our Vietnam Veterans. Midwest Honor Flight is on a mission to truly thank and honor all of our veterans while also helping them get the closure that heals old wounds. If you are a Veteran or know one, please visit: to learn more and apply for a seat on the next trip to see the Vietnam Memorial (or other Memorials for Veterans of other wars).

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