Veterans Discounts Available                                                     10% or more with proof of service

FAST FOOD:  A&W, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jack In The Box, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Popeyes, Schlotzsky’s, Subway, Zaxby’s

RESTAURANTS:  Cracker Barrel, Dennys, iHop, Longhorn Steakhouse, Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Steakhouse and Saloon, Wing Zone

*Del Taco, Johnny Rockets, and Papa Murphy’s offers a 50% discount with proof of service.                                                  Restaurant Senior Discounts                                                                                                                                 Perhaps one of the easiest places to find a senior discount is at your favorite restaurants. Though most chains offer discounts across the board, many smaller locations will as well. Be sure to ask about special event savings days or early dinner discounts available. Restaurants typically will advertise these discounts.

  • Dunkin Donuts: For those who are looking for a discount and have an AARP membership, expect a free donut with the purchase of a large beverage here.
  • iHop: Senior discounts here are on meal prices and drinks. Up to 10 percent off is provided.
  • Golden Corral: Ask for a discount here. They vary from one location to the next, but are often discounted meal prices.
  • Denny’s: For a deep savings on meals, visit this location. Many offer up to 15 percent off. AARP members could get a lower price significantly.
  • Outback: Outback’s senior discount is for AARP members. They can save up to 10 percent on their purchase here.
  • Taco Bell: Most Taco Bell locations provide individuals with a discount of five percent off their meal. Most also provide free beverages to seniors when requested.
  • Burger King: Seniors may be able to get a 10 percent discount plus additional discounts on drinks at Burger King.
  • McDonalds: A discount here could help you to get a free cup of coffee or a discounted price on one. Locations vary significantly in what they offer to seniors.
  • Chick-fil-A: This location provides a free, refillable senior drink with a purchase. It doesn’t apply to coffee, though.
  • Subway: Individual locations differ significantly. However, many locations will offer seniors a discount of 10 percent on their purchase.
  • Cracker Barrel: A discount senior menu is available at this location.
  • Olive Garden: Olive Garden offers senior pricing for early bird dinners.
  • Red Lobster: Seniors may be able to find discounts through a senior menu provided.
  • Applebee’s: Discounts here vary but can be as much as 15 percent.
  • KFC: Individuals get a small drink with any meal purchased here.
  • Jack in the Box: This location offers up to 20 percent off meals.
  • Texas Roadhouse: Seniors may be able to find discounts through a senior menu provided.
  • Wendy’s: Seniors can receive discounts, but these vary according to age and location. 
  • Chili’s: Seniors over 55 are eligible to receive 10 percent off of their bill.
  • Dairy Queen: Seniors are eligible to receive 10 percent off at some locations, while other locations offer a free small drink to seniors with an additional purchase.

Communication & Internet Service Senior Discounts                                                                         Many internet service providers recognize that seniors are one of the fastest growing segments in new internet use. And, they are on a fixed budget. That is why many will offer discounts on plans.

  • AT&T: Plans are available for seniors at reduced costs.
  • Verizon: Verizon offers senior plans and discounts. The Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan offers a discounted rate for seniors – this rate can change by area as well as over time.
  • Comcast: Ask about availability of discounts. They change by location.
  • T-Mobile: Seniors over 55 can sign up for unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for two lines for a set price of $60 per month.
  • Sprint: Has a line of cell phones specially marketed to seniors that include easy to use, accessible features, such as TTY/TDD support, LED alerts, and 911 shortcut keys. However, the company doesn’t offer a senior discount on cell phone plans.                               

Transportation Senior Discounts                                                                                       If you use any type of transportation, ask for a senior discount. This is especially true for those who use public transportation. You could save a significant amount of money on these discounts.

  • American Airlines: There are various senior discounts that apply to various trips. Call to find out which are available.
  • Amtrak: Senior pricing is available for most Amtrak locations. This ranges from 10 to 15 percent off.
  • Alaska Airlines: Seniors will save a significant amount of money with discount plane tickets. However, discounts vary from one time frame to the next. Most commonly, seniors can save 10 percent.
  • Southwest Airlines: Seniors over 65 who are traveling with Southwest Airlines may be eligible for Senior Fares. These are available online and for international and domestic travel. You can also purchase Senior Fares through a customer service representative at the airline or a travel agency. You will need to arrive early at the gate to be able to prove your age in order to be checked in for your flight.
  • United Airlines: United offers discounted prices for flights for seniors over 65. Seniors need to select the Over 65 category when purchasing tickets online or with a customer service agent. Discounts vary depending on the flight and location.
  • Delta: Senior discounts are available for limited itineraries with Delta Air Lines. However, you must call 1-800-221-1212 to find out if your flight is eligible for the discounted fare. You will not be able to purchase your tickets online and receive the senior discount.
  • Jetblue: Does not offer senior discounts due to the already discounted ticket prices for all ages. The airline does state it supports the military including retired military veterans, so you can contact 1-800-538-2583 (JETBLUE) to request information about possible discounts.
  • Greyhound: Seniors over 62 can receive 5 percent off of Greyhound bus tickets. You do need to provide a photo ID for eligibility.
  • Uber: Does not regularly provide senior discounts. However, the company has provided savings on uber SENIOR Day, which has been held on the first day of the month in limited markets. Allegiant Airlines


Active duty military, veterans, National Guard, military reserve (and their dependents)


  • Up to three free checked bags, under 100 pounds each (each bag typically costs between $20 and $50)
  • No charge for oversize checked bags (can cost up to $75, depending on weight)
  • One free carry-on bag, within Allegiant size limits (can cost between $20 and $50, depending on size)
  • Free boarding pass printing (normally $5) and free seat assignment (can cost up to $80 at the time of booking, depending on seat choice)
  • Up to one free pet in cabin (normally $100)

What to do: Present military ID at check-in.                                                                                          see chart for 70 – 100% for veteran alone and veteran with spouse

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