4th Annual Military and First Responders Appreciation Day

September 20, 2018 Uncategorized

By Veterans Reporter News -September 20, 2018

By: Philip and Megan Way Photos by: Su Phelps and Lawrence Oravetz

On September 8th, Armed Forces & Military Appreciation Inc. had their once a year Annual Military and First Responders Appreciation Day. This event is made to celebrate the military, veterans, and first responders. To say thank you to them and just to have a good time. There was free food and drinks just for participating. They work all year with over a hundred volunteers and many vendors to organize this event. Many of the volunteers were local high schoolers from the ROTC program.

Congressman Ruben Kihuen and Senator Cortez Masto even gave a certificate of appreciation to Richard Cherchio at the event.

Councilman of North Las Vegas Richard Cherchio is the founder of Armed Forces & Military Appreciation Inc. He’s the founder of the organization, He and Laura Coleman organized this event and other events they do.

Laura Coleman is a Co-Chairman of the organization and a big organizer of this event, we asked her,

“How hard have you worked?”

“We’ve been working on it all year long. Last year was pretty good, but it’s getting better every year. 2000-3000 people participated the Appreciation event.”

It’s a labor of love and its quite tiring at times, but during the day when they finish it’s well worth it to them.

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